Safari Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tour?
You can book a tour by emailing To Book your tour, confirm the date is available on our schedule by clicking here Yellow Wood Guiding's schedule, if the date is open it's yours.

To book your tour I need the following details:

  • What date and part of the day would you like to book?
  • What kind of safari or tour you would like?
  • What sights or wildlife most interested in seeing, learning and/or photographing?
  • How long of a tour you would like: 3.5 hour, 6 hour, or 8 hour tour?
  • What Estes Park Hotel or Resort you are staying at? (I will pick you up there)
  • Confirm the start time I recommend will work for you.
  • A cell phone number to reach you during your trip?
  • What website did you learn about Yellow Wood Guiding?

What Tour should I book?
Check out the Tour Comparison Page. Click below:

Your schedule shows your booked, do you have a cancellation list?
In the summer months I get about 1 cancellation per month and its almost always extremely last minute. Check the schedule to see if there are openings, if it's marked as booked it's booked. If your planning a trip within 30 days, openings will not generally show up. Be sure to plan your trip at least 2 or 3 months out to have a good chance of booking your tour.

Will there be other people on the tour?
No, all tours are private and customized. Only the people you invite will come along.

How far do you hike?
That depends on you. How far do you want to hike? We've had great tours with folks in wheel chairs. Nature Safaris can go up to a few miles or just a short walk, Wildlife Safaris involve more driving so we may go a few hundred yards at time, or some folks only want to take short walks. This tour is customized for you.

What kind of vehicle do you use?
Yellow Wood Guiding uses a standard civilized SUV, Hyundai Sante Fe. Unlike most of the other tour companies in Estes we stay dry and warm while we travel through the park.

How are the park roads?
During the summer months, we will travel over excellent paved roads. Route 34 and 36 are federal highways. A few of the side roads and Fall River Road are dirt and can be bumpy in a few locations. In the winter months roads can be snow covered, but are generally always plowed and treated by 8am.

When do your tours start?
That again depends you, and what kind of tour you would like. Wildlife are most common and visable early in the day or in the evening, so starting as early as possible or after 3:30pm in the summer months is best. Photo Safaris can start as early as an hour and a half before sunrise so we can travel and hike to some amazing locations. Most of the park's best features face east so morning starts are best for Photo Safaris. Afternoon 4 Hour Tours can start just after lunch or as late as 4pm, as the wildlife and the light gets good again in the late hours of the day.

Where do tours start?
If your staying inside Estes Park (within a 10 minute drive of Estes) we'll pick you up outside the office of the hotel or lodge your staying at. If your staying outside of Estes Park we'll pick you up at the Estes Park Visitors Center, locationed at 500 Big Thompson Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517 (across the street from McDonalds and Taco Bell/KFC). We do not offer pick ups outside of Estes Park.

How do I pay?
Please pay by Check, Travelers Check or Cash at the end of the tour. No need for a Credit Card to hold your reservation. Credit Cards can be accepted through after the tour but a 3% fee will be added to the total.

What should we wear and what should we bring in the Summer?
In the summer time be prepared for temps between 30-70 degrees F, yes 30! Don't wear shorts, and always bring a jacket. Having some rain gear if your hiking is a good idea as well. Also be sure to drink plenty of water both in the days before your trip to Colorado and while your here (4 bottles a day), and eat breakfast to prevent altitude sickness. Bring along water and a snack, we will have extra water and granola bars for you as well.

What should we wear and what should we bring in the Fall, Spring and Winter?
In the fall and the spring anything can happen between 70's and sun, or a blizzard. Be prepared for temps between 15-60 degrees F. In the winter time be prepared for temps between -15 to 40 degrees F. Layers are your friend, and avoid cotton socks and jeans in the snow as they soak up water and do not dry. Also be sure to drink plenty of water both in the days before your trip to Colorado and during, and eat breakfast to prevent altitude sickness. Bring along water and a snack.

The forecast is for Thunderstorms, what now?
During the summer months nearly everyday has a 10%-30% chance of thunderstorms generally in the mid-afternoon. On most long range forecasts this looks like nothing but storms all week long. Fret not, most storms either never develop, or pass quickly.

What happens if it rains?
Here in the Rocky Mountains we get very few days of constant rain, be prepared for a random shower during the warmer months, but we will avoid getting wet. However, some of the best wildlife viewing is during the rain as it keeps the daytime temps lower and more comfortable for all our furry friends.

What happens if it snows?
If it snows just an inch or two, the park roads will be well maintained and open. Fresh snow gives us the chance to see fresh tracks. In the event of a larger snow fall we will play it by ear. This is your tour after all, so we can go if you want to go. Yellow Wood Guiding will never put its clients in a dangerous situation. If we feel its not safe to be out we will not go out.

Can we cancel our reservation, or change our tour date?
Yes, traveling often has its unforeseen happenings. If you need to cancel your reservation just call and let us know. If you want to reschedule, review Yellow Wood Guiding's schedule, if the date is open it's yours. Generally rescheduling is only available in the winter months when we're not booked solid more than a month out.

Waiver Form
Once you have signed up for a tour please complete the online waiver form found here:
Yellow Wood Guiding Waiver Form

Didn't see an answer to your question?
Make sure you read each tour page completely, after years of offering tours our website has been refined to answer just about every common question we get. If you still don't find your answer, please email us at the email address below.

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