Ute Trail sunset on Trail Ridge Road on a Rocky Mountain National Park Photo Tour

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This is your homework before your Estes Park Photo Tour. 

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Yellow Wood Guiding's Photo Tours offer plenty of photography instruction. To get the most out of your photo tour I have created these videos to cover the basics of photography so guests are ready to head out into Rocky Mountain National Park and start taking great pictures right away.

If you are short on time the videos that are a must watch are labeled with an *

Watch these videos with your camera in hand, and find and practice using the buttons shown. If you can't find them, look in your manual or google. If you have a Nikon or Canon camera I mentioned all the important buttons in the videos which means you missed the info, so rewatch if you have any issues. Take some test shots and practice with your camera in Apreture mode. If you don't know how to set anything the videos don't show, get out your manual or Google it!

Photography Basics

These videos go over the very basic settings and functions of your DSLR and most Point and Shot Camera operations. The camera setting are just 10% of photography, so after these first videos be sure to watch the ones below on composition and lighting. Composition, Lighting, and Luck make up 90% of great photos.

The 5 Steps of Photography

5 Steps of Photography*: Compose, Set f-stop, Focus, Take a Test Shot, Check & Adjust

Step 1 - Compose

Landscapes, Wildlife, and Macro photography all require different views and philosophies to capture great images. The following videos discuss the different aspects of each style of composition.

Landscape Composition Part 1* - How to find the photos

Landscape Composition Part 2 - Perfecting your comps once you find your photos

Macro Composition - Get up close with your macro lens

Wildlife Composition Part 1* - The basics

Wildlife Composition Part 2 - Capturing the emotion


Step 2 - Set your f-stop

Step 2* - Set your F-stop*: Understanding how to select the correct f-stop


Step 3 - Focus

Step 3 -Focus Basics*: Understanding how to focus with a DSLR


Step 4 - Take a Test Shot

This step is really simple, always remember to take a test shot with each new shooting or lighting situation you encounter.


Step 5- Check Your Histogram & Adjust Your Exposure


How to Read Your Histogram

This set of 3 videos goes into detail on how to use your histogram. These videos are highly recommended for nearly everyone.

Histograms 1* - Introduction on how to use your histogram.

Histograms 2 - Using your histogram for Wildlife and Nature Photography

Histograms 3 - Using your histogram for Landscape Photograhy

Photography is a journey of learning. Below is a collection of videos I produced to expand and reinforce the topics covered during Photo Tours, Workshops, and other photography related classes offered by Yellow Wood Guiding and its partners.

Expsoure Details

Exposure Details*: Understanding Shutter Speed and f stop

Real World Exposure*: Exposing for the whites and adjusting the histogram

ISO Basics: Understanding ISO


Beyond the Basics

Understanding how to use the best light, and depth of field can dramatically improve your images. Once you understand the camera setting and how to best use them the last great element is composition and getting out into the field to take photos. Please watch the following videos on Light, Depth of Field, and Rule of Thirds as well as the videos on composition of the subjects that interest you most.

Photography Light* - A review of what makes for good photographic light that can make or break an image.

Depth of Field in Depth - Control the depth of field to control what is in focus.

Rule of Thirds* - Basic Composition using the Rule of Thirds as well as the Rules of 6ths or 8ths


Other Resources

Naturescapes.net: Great site for information and photo critiques

NaturePhotographers.net: Great photos for critiques for Nature, Landscapes, and Wildlife

500px.com: Amazing Photos to be inspired, requires a free sign up

Yellow Wood Guiding is Authorized by the National Park Service, Department of Interior to conduct services in Rocky Mountain National Park. Fees for service are strictly for educational nature experiences and photography instruction, not transportation.

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